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Overcoming the Shortage Mentality

Why do we need to worry about anything, when we can ask God for everything?

This is what I have always believed in since I knew God when I was young child. It isn’t just a matter of faith, but because of His grace that I know nothing is ever impossible for Him.

Now, this is not just positive talking. I clearly remember when my Mama was first diagnosed with cancer. She actually didn’t tell me until I read her findings. I was talking basic physiology in college and I couldn’t believe it either, but I knew with His grace we will be able to overcome it. She was worried we didn’t have as much resources, she was worried about my education, she was worried for her life. But I remember writing a letter on a card (it was Mother’s Day), and I said, “if we were able to overcome our trials in the past, surely we can overcome (this trial) for our God is good”. She went out of the house immediately trying not to let me see her cry. And so, a year after that day, we were back in my hometown, and I was again enrolled at the university (I dropped out when she was diagnosed), my mother had already recovered, and everything was back to normal.

That was just one of the many, many times I witnessed how God works in ways we just need to trust in Him. I will always remember what a former colleague said to me, “Don’t put God in box, don’t limit what He can do for you for He owns the universe, and He can give you anything and everything your heart desires”. That is actually a fact from the Bible:

But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus. - Philippians 4:19

Now, if it said, we could get what we want or need according to our ability, or according to our worthiness, I bet we would get in trouble! I mean, if it were according to our ability, I bet we wouldn’t be blessed. If it was according to our worthiness, we would be doomed because nobody is ever perfect or sinless. It is only by His grace that we are blessed, and it is according to His riches in glory that He grants blessings!

You see, when we have that mentality that I can get what I need “because of my ability”, we will likely have a shortage mentality, as “we all have sinned and come short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23).

Don’t you notice that when you pray about something and let go of the idea, God actually makes it happen?

It’s like what my former household head said, “When you pray during trouble, think of it like you only have a few seconds to shoot the ball in the ring (in a basketball game) to score, it may seem impossible, but if you “pass the ball” to God, you are sure you would be able to score that point.” The abundance mentality is like that: depending on God for almost anything and everything you need. After all, He owns the universe, and He can grant what you exactly  need.
Now, there may be times, your prayer is answered with a wait, or a “no”, and that is because there is something better. Cliched as it may sound, but it is true. Maybe God wants to purify you. (Now this is a totally different matter, we’ll discuss it soon.)

The shortage mentality can cripple you. The shortage mentality can take away your confidence. The shortage mentality can make you selfish. The shortage mentality is not God’s way.

Do you think there’s a shortage of opportunities?
Do you think there’s a shortage of good Christian partner?
Do you think there’s a shortage of time?
Do you think there’s a shortage of wisdom?

If you do, you are most likely right. When you have a shortage mentality, you depend on your ability and you limit God’s power in you.

What is that part of your life that you need to submit to God? Pass that “ball” now and wait for Him to act. If He doesn’t grant it exactly the way you want, He will definitely grant the better one for you, for your own good and for His glory - which is actually for the best.

Overcome the shortage mentality. Surrender to God’s will and put your confidence in Him.

Many people wonder why some people always get what they want. Truth slap: they don’t. They get what they actually need, and they know it because they put their confidence in our Great God. What actually happens is that when they pray, their hearts and minds get attuned to God’s will, and they know what they need to pray about. This, in turn, results to answered prayers.

Isn’t God amazing?

Now, I’m not saying all my prayers have already been answered, but God has met all my needs. I still do worry (even a lot sometimes) but at the end of the day, God reminds me of the great things He has done in my life.

Try to recall what God has done for you. Identify the need you are longing for in your life today. Pray and have faith. Surrender it to God. Overcome the shortage mentality. Overcome the shortage mentality now.

How do you overcome it? Let God take over. You will eventually find yourself counting countless blessings. Try it. God is just waiting for you.

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