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Keep Believing for the Unbeliever

   Greetings to all of you lovely online bloggers out there at this particular time and moment!!! I would like to introduce to all of you a topic that is dear to my heart and soul. Reaching the unbelievers of this world can be the hardest challenge every Christian encounters. Nonetheless, there are wonderful stories of perseverance that has united a family and brought one or a few more souls into God’s Kingdom.
    You might ask yourselves as to why one of God’s commands to preach the gospel and do the great commission work is so difficult in today’s lifestyle? I have the answer. Unbelievers are always questioning God’s authority and combining tragedy with His goodness. Here is where their logic becomes frustrating, all while keeping them from taking the first step to faith. During my life-threating accident in 1993, neighbors and strangers all around my mother would ask her “How can you smile at a time like this?” “If God is good, then why did he allow your little girl to suffer such tragedy?” At that time, my mother had not accepted Jesus into her life; yet, she always had a good connotation of God in general and she never allowed those questions to keep her from believing a miracle could happen and DID happen.
    When we don’t know the answers to questions in our lives: it does not mean there isn’t an answer for them. God is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient. Based on His characteristics, we as humans are not equipped to process the tragedies and difficult situations we come across along the way of life; therefore, it is best at times that these answers not be revealed to us in order for God’s plan not to be uninterrupted. Yes, accepting this interaction between men and God becomes upsetting for our innate desire to understand and know everything. I can relate to this premise all the time till today and tomorrow and so forth. However, as time passes by the reasoning behind tragedies and circumstances little by little are enlighten. Personally, I can confirm that out of my accident a lot of blessings have come my way and without it none of them would have become a part of my life.

    As a result, I had the opportunity to learn a new language apart from my native tongue; I reaped the benefits of the federal taxes collected to sponsor programs such as Federal Student Aid, which allowed me to attend college; I received treatment in a first-world country; and above all those wonderful gifts, I came to know Christ my savior. Just as Joseph could not understand as to why his own DNA brothers had the audacity to sell him off as a slave, and later on this one act not only saved the Egyptian people but Joseph’s family as well. It is with the same token that in today’s life our tragedies have a purpose that won’t be revealed or make sense in the moment, but in due time we can comprehend why it happened and had to happen for our own good.
    My angel and mother experienced the struggle of sharing the good news of salvation to my aunt. She would constantly encourage her to take a second and evaluate her lifestyle, is this all you want out of life? Between sisters you would think preaching the gospel would be a lot easier because they knew each other early in life. This was not the case by any means, instead my aunt became taunting of our faith and constantly retracted from spending family time with us. As the days and several months went by, her faith was not shattered nor was her perseverance in always reaching out when she could towards my aunt. One day out of the blue my aunt came to visit our home with the biggest smile and happy mood we had ever seen her in at all. My aunt told us she had been invited to a church service just the day before and she had made the decision to accept Christ out of her own will and from the heart. Both me and my mom could not believe after all that mocking and time that elapsed she had actually become a believer. Everything has it’s time and place, we were able to witness first hand that keeping our faith in the impossible enables us to grow as followers in Jesus and demonstrates that under God’s will if it is meant to be it shall become.

Ana with her mom and brother
    Don’t ever keep yourself from sharing the good news of salvation to non-believers that are also family members, because in the right time God’s word will take its final effect and they will open up their hearts in receiving Him. God Bless all of you who come across this blog and thank you for taking the time to read it as well.          
    “So then faith [cometh] by hearing, and hearing by the word of God” - Romans 10:17   

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