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This Freakingly Realistic Video About Being a Freelancer Will Crack You Up!

Okay, so I've been working as a freelancer for about 3 years now. Some days I feel great, sometimes I don't feel that great. (Hey, I'm human!)

A freelancer's dream is be able to work flexible hours, get as much free time, earn as much,  spend holidays and not have to work a 9-5 job. But is it that really a reality?

Now, there are a lot of different expectations and realities of being a freelancer. Some people think that people who have freelancing jobs have a lot of time in their hands and a lot of money to spend. Well, it actually depends on your experience and your ability to negotiate your fee.

Holidays? Don't let me get started. I remember going on vacation after Christmas and I still had to do some projects for some clients. And while our friends and families attend parties on local holidays, we are actually in front of our laptops trying to finish some projects. We do have holidays but we still sometimes bring work on vacation.

Now, I am not complaining here. I love that I am a freelancer. Actually, my husband is also a freelancer and we sometimes work projects together. We love that we have had this opportunity because we can spend a lot of time (if not all our time) with our daughter. And while there isn't much 100% security with a client, when you have the skills, the right attitude, a good internet connection,  and the right network, it is pretty much a secure source of income. It's actually a better source of income compared to being in the corporate jungle as you can have multiple clients. You learn a new skill almost each day with the client's demands. It's like you're their solutions support system. Challenging, and yet fun!

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Now, enough with all these blahs, I actually came across this really funny video showing the dream vs the reality of working as a freelancer, and it's painfully true! All freelancers at one point in time can relate to everything that it is in this video by BuzzFeed.

How do we live our lives? Watch this video:

   Photo Credit: Youtube / Buzzfeed

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