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A Freelancer's Guide to Getting Your COR from BIR Davao City

This serves as a step-by-step guide for Online Freelancers in processing a Certificate of Registration (CoR or Form 2303) from BIR Davao City.

A CoR is essential requirement in the conduct of business in the Philippines, including self-employed individuals who work as online freelancers.

Now, what I will be sharing is if you already have a TIN or if you were previously employed.

Where is BIR Davao?

The BIR Office in Davao is located at  Bolton Ext., Davao City (RDOs are located at the back of the Regional Office Building). It's across the street from PhilHealth. There are 2 RDOs there. RDO 113 and RDO 132. You may just find out which RDO you belong by asking them.

Here are their numbers:

(082) 221-7715/2214-0224/224-0326/224-0325
(082) 227-5583 / 227-1775 / 227-7525 / 227-9776 / 222-3318 / 222-3319 / 225-3358

What do you need to get a COR:

1. Barangay Certification that you are self employed as an Online Freelancer.
2. Accomplished Interview Form Performed by the Examiner
3. Form 1901
4. P500
5. Documentary Stamp

How's the process?

Get your Barangay Certification

To get a Barangay Certification, you need a Purok Certification from your Purok Leader. You may ask your Barangay for the mobile number of the purok leader. Purok leaders are just locals of a certain purok, so you need to contact them to find out their whereabouts and where you could meet them to secure a Purok Certification. A purok certification is free, by the way.

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Once you have secured a Purok Certification, go to your Barangay Hall to request for a Barangay Certification. You will be asked about some details (e.g. address, age, civil status, etc.). Make sure that the certification would state that you are self-employed as an online freelancer. Your photo will be taken and you will be able to claim the certification immediately after they print it. Barangay Certification fee varies per barangay but it is usually only just P20.

Once you have your Barangay Certification with you, you may start processing the COR in your RDO at BIR:

Proceed to your respective RDO:

1. Get a verification slip

Get a verification slip at either your local RDO office or at the 4th floor of the RDO building. The verification slip serves as a reference that you will present for all your transactions in BIR. Secure a number from the guard so you can transact claiming a verification slip.

2. Go to the Examiner and get interviewed for assessment

For RDOs 132 and 113, the examiner is at Counter 6. Ask for a transaction number from information, and once your number is called, present your Barangay certification and verification slip, and 1901 to the examiner.

Tip: You may ask for the interview form ahead of time so the examiner would just need to make an assessment and completely fill out the form. This saves both the examiner's time and yours.

3. Go to the 1901 clerk and have your information updated

For RDOs 132 and 113, the 1901 clerk is at Counter 3. Ask again for a transaction number from information before your transaction with the 1901 clerk.

Present the interview form and your 1901 to the clerk. Your information will be updated in the database. Your forms will be submitted to another clerk for assessment. You will be queued and your name will be called by that clerk.

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4. Acquire necessary documents for claiming the COR.

Once the clerk calls your name, you will be given a form which has all the instructions on how to claim your COR. You would need to pay P500 to BIR's accredited banks. (When paying at the bank, present your verification slip as well)

You also need the following:

Documentary Stamp - You may buy this at the 2nd floor, Counter 9 of BIR for only P15.00
Attend a seminar once (This is scheduled every Wednesday)

5. Claim your COR

You may claim your COR in your RDO on the day assigned by the clerk.  Present the bank receipt (Form 0605), documentary stamp, and 1901 to claim your COR.

* You may check where you can pay your Registration Fee by checking the photo below. Before going to the bank, make sure to photocopy your 1901 and 0605 forms in 3 copies, present your TIN Verification Slip (and of course you payment of P500). (Please photocopy your verification slip and Guide to getting your COR as some banks as for it) They have BIR form receipts there where you should fill up necessary information. They will then print the details of your payment on your 0604 form which you need to photocopy as well.

Other important information!

You also need to have a columnar book and receipts stamped by BIR before the one month deadline after you applied for a COR. The columnar book is for accounting what you received from Bizmates, and the receipt is for issuing to Bizmates as well quarterly. The columnar book may be purchased from any bookstore, and the receipt may be purchased from an accredited printer (printing press) or you may buy it from a BIR employee for P1,200.  Once you have your receipt, it is a must to have it stamped by the Business Bureau.

Take note:

This process is only applicable if you already have a TIN, or you were previously employed. It would be an entirely different process (and different schedule of fees) if you have already been previously registered as an individual (e.g. professional, sales agent, etc.) So make sure to get a TIN verification slip first before anything else. You may also ask from the clerk what your status is when you get a verification slip. Also, every RDO may have a different process of getting RDO, for more information, you may visit www.bir.gov.ph .

Please watch this space for more guides in processing applications and documents in the Philippines.

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