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Travelling: Hearts Don't Break Around Here

Heartbreak. Deal with it through travelling. Yes. Honestly, this is one of the reasons why I decided to get out of my comfort zone and go find new places. Because at the back of my mind, maybe, just maybe, it will help me divert my broken heart pieces and maybe along the way, I could fix them back to where it used to be.

"I want to travel and discover new places but I cannot see myself with you in it," the last few words from him. Actually, I am a homebuddy and I can live all my life living within the four corners of my room. But with those words from him, I often asked myself what's with travelling and why I am not part of his future plans anymore? It broke me but it challenged me. I challenged myself too.

Just last December 2016, I started off my travel itineraries. I began visiting places I've never been to. Without him. First, second, third destinations, then I realized travelling is really much more fun. So, the third time became fourth, fifth, and so on until now.

One of the biggest lessons I've learned in travelling is that you can really find happiness not on material things but on experiences. You find yourself in new places and with new people. You manage your own time, finances, space, and most of all, you learn how to rely on yourself. You don't necessarily need another human being just to be happy. You discover your own potential. You discover what you are capable of. And with that, you will be happy. I am happy.

Does travelling makes sense? For me, YES. That's why, with the places I've been to, I decided to create a blog out of it. This is to jot down and share the memories of the places I went to, the people I met, and the things I experienced. Truly, travelling makes me discover who I am. And I wanna thank him for telling me those last few words because it gives me another perspective that my life isn't just revolving around the four corners of my room. Though it did not bring back my broken heart pieces back together, it did give me a new heart to take care of. 

So, if you are asking me if I am going to travel more, my answer would definitely be YES. And don't worry, I will definitely share it with you. My piece of advice: go to places and find yourself. Search for what makes you happy. Do things that fear you. Conquer every moment. Learn from it. In the end, you will feel a different kind of excitement and success that you fulfill for yourself because travelling don't break your heart. 🙂


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