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Don't Chase 'Em! (Detachment)

In the past couple of months, I have been desperately looking for help at home that I was willing to hire just anyone I meet on Facebook. For Filipino working women, it is really, really helpful to have help at home especially when you have a child. And while I am able to clean it up sometimes, in just a matter of a few hours, our house would become messy again. And of course, there's the laundry that needs folding! I actively searched for help in groups I joined for two months, and when I finally "detached", we finally had one. (Yay!)

I remember what Andrew Matthews would say about chasing (he's an awesome Australian bestselling author btw): never chase anyone or anything! The universe can smell desperation and when we are desperate, we tend to just settle for the NEXT best thing.

Remember when you were desperate for a job trying to look for one in months, then you accept an offer that you don't even like. Then, just after just a few days, the people from the company you've been dreaming to join calls you but then it's too late because you've already signed a contract!

Remember when you were desperately looking for an apartment and all the properties you liked already had tenants so you just settled for the crappy studio apartment only to find out one of them just got vacated after you have moved in!

The universe feels your desperation, so it will take advantage of you. It's the same for anything and everything. Like when people are desperate, they attract people who would make them feel like they are THE one they need. We get blinded when we are desperate and we tend to tolerate anything because we want to "fill" that need.

Have you ever met someone who seems happy and they have everything they want and more? Try asking them if they chased anything or tried to worry about what they have and they would probably say "Oh, I didn't even think about it for a sec." It's not because their proud, it is because they are relaxed.

That is how the universe works. When we become still, the one thing we are looking for finally finds us. Just like what Matthews said, 

When we chase girlfriends, boyfriends - even dogs - they run away! Why? Because we are chasing them!

Try to shift your mind about something. When you are applying for a job, say, "If I don't get this, there'll be a better one" instead of, "If I don't get this, we'll starve and die!" (Because that's what will happen if you do think like that.)

Let go. Detach yourself and just be relaxed. You'll find yourself drenched with all the opportunities!

Remember, detached people have this mindset that effort and excellence are ultimately rewarded (Matthews' words and not mine 😊). If you don't get it the first time, or the second or the third time, you WILL get it sometime. No need to worry when. 😏

As for my struggle with finding help at home, Thank God we already have one, and there's even another one who wants works for me. 😏 (If you know anyone who needs one, flick me an email. 😄)

Don't chase 'em!

Photo from Andrew Matthews' Book, Happiness in Hard Times

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