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Why are there irritatingly positive people?

*This is a revision from a Facebook note I made in August 2013

Some people get irritated when people post happy-high statuses because they seem "unreal" to them, but that's only their perception.

Maybe those people who are always positive have been through the worst in their lives which they have overcome by the grace of God... And yes, they still feel negative sometimes, but they have learned that life shouldn't be that way. 

Becoming poor at a young age, being rejected, having to go through parents' separation, literally becoming orphaned, losing jobs, experiencing heartbreaks from past loves and from former friends are not excuses to become bitter in life. They can actually become your sources of strength and inspiration for your future, and the truth is life ALWAYS does get better!

God's command is that we trust Him and obey to believe He has a great future for us. Our energies will only be wasted if we just spend it sour-grapeing. We don't need to be bitter, nor desperate and there's no point in messing our lives or become hopeless.

I believe the most positive people in life did not just overcome the worst (and cried buckets of tears in the past), but by the grace of God, they are now experiencing God's best... Nothing more, nothing less!  

Blessed be God! Let us praise Him with every single thought, word and action that we do... 

Be inspired today! Be inspired by God! 😊

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