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7 Tips to Help You Ace That Job Interview

Okay. So I'm not a Recruitment Expert nor an HR Specialist but I've been to a lot of interviews and by God's grace, I usually ace most of them (which means I've had a lot of jobs- which is a totally different story). While most people dread THE interview, I am, most of the time, looking forward to this part of the employment process. I may not be that good in selling myself, but I think in my almost 18 years of going to job interviews, I think I have slightly mastered this art.

Now, when I say I aced almost all my jobs interviews, let me just clarify that I only apply for the jobs I honestly think I can do (at that moment). Some people wonder why others get the job even if they are more qualified or have better credentials, well, there is a way to ace a job interview even if the next person is more qualified than you are. So, here's the first Lifehack I want to share with you:

7 Tips to Help Ace You That Job Interview:

1. Know what you're getting into.

Before you attend a job interview, make sure you know what you're getting into. Learn about the company, learn about the role you are applying for, and if they reveal the name of the interviewer, try to learn about him or her too!

Internet is very much accessible now and using social media to research about the company and the job is very helpful as well. You will at least know what to expect and you can easily answer the question, "What do you know about our company?". It is important to know as much about the company you are applying for. Learn about their mission, vision and culture. Understand why the company exists and learn about their most important values. Interviewers are usually impressed when the interviewee knows what they are getting into and they are even more impressed if your personal vision and values align with theirs. So, if you have an interview and you know the company, do your research!

2. Be sincere and honest.

There's no use impressing your future employer if you are just telling lies. The end never justifies the means. Be sincere about your intention to join the company and be honest if you don't have all the skills and knowledge that the role requires.  Your employer will appreciate your honesty and see your sincerity to join the company. Telling them you know a certain skill or how to use a certain software when you don't isn't neat, and will eventually backfire when you get hired. Be completely honest. In my experience, I have been hired for jobs I don't have any experience at and they were willing to train me. Remember, if the job is for you, you won't need to impress them or make up lies just for them to hire you.

Always be sincere and honest during the job interview.
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3. Talk with your interviewer/s as if you're already hired by the company.

When your employer gives you a situation or when they ask what you will do for them if you get the job, set a tone as if you have already been hired by the company. Use the word "we" more than "I" and speak as if you already have a plan for the company. It takes a lot of confidence to speak this way but it shows a positive attitude. Your future employer wants to know if you have any great plans or goals if you join them and they would really be excited for you to join them if you already see yourself as a significant part of their work force.

4. Listen and respond to your interviewer accordingly.

When the interviewer speaks, make sure not to interrupt them and listen very carefully to what they are saying. Make sure you understand their question before you answer. Now, if you aren't sure of what they are asking about, just be humble and politely tell them you didn't get it. If you are already sure about the question, make sure your answers are what they are wanting to hear. Nobody wants to listen to a long anecdote that isn't related to the question.

5. Let your interviewer enjoy being with you.

Bring out your personality in the interview but make sure you are professional and don't try hard too much. Don't be too uptight or stressed during the process as well. Although a little nervousness and excitement helps, being too uptight or stressed during the interview will not help you think clearly. Show them the real you but in a professional way. I'm sure you know what I mean.

6. Detach yourself.

Don't be desperate or look like you desperately need the job. Doing so will only turn your possible employer off. Always keep in mind to just give your best during the interview, and don't stress yourself if you will get the job or not. If you do, that would be great, right? But if you don't, there would definitely a better one for you! Just keep calm and focus on the interview, who knows, they might say "You're hired!" right after the last question has been answered! 😉

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7. Pray

This is the last on my list but it definitely not the least. Pray before and after your interview. Ask God to give you wisdom and give you the right words to say before you attend the interview. If you get a successful result during the interview, then say a little prayer to thank Him. If you get the "we'll just call you" statement, still thank Him and prepare for the next job interview you will attend. Always remember that the result of your job interview does not define who you are and whatever the outcome is for the glory of God. Remember, praying is essential not only to ace your interview but to help you excel in your job.

Now, just to remind you, I am NO recruitment expert and these tips are just from my personal experience. You may follow them or use a few useful ones or you could also leave a comment below on how you aced your most recent job interview. I'd love to read them!

You're hired!
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