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Today I Stop Dreaming.

Well I paused, actually. 

The past few days and even weeks was a marathon of dreams. Left and Right. I sit, and ideas flow like endless running water. So if you open my mind now, it will be full of concepts, passion projects, plans. It’s a mean to an end, of course. Money-- how to acquire it, how to make more of it; and Johanne- her future. Credits to the husband who became my wailing wall. Thank you for tirelessly listening to me.

I write this blog even in the middle of work, just because I don’t want to lose the momentum.

Today is different. Someone just messaged 10 minutes ago, asking for wisdom. I thought, I’ll be sharing my wisdom, period. Didn’t think it’s, as always, God’s way of tapping my shoulder too.
She asked, “How you do you attune your desires to God’s desire and plan for you?” And I had an answer.

After our brief conversation, I went back to all the plans and dreams I am mapping out, and began to ask – is this God’s plan for me? And while I know in my heart that God really sowed seeds of passion and fierceness in me to conquer mountains for every goal I set my heart to, I am not sure about the answer to this. At least not yet.

So today I stop dreaming and go back to praying. Because, yeah… it’s been a long long long time since I had my quality time with God. In true Tets’ fashion, I pray best when writing… so allow me to share snippets of it and may this inspire you to stop and pray today too.

Thank you Lord for the grace to acknowledge that I am running like a headless chicken again. Thank you because it is my love for my child, also another gift from you, that makes me want to dream big and work hardest for her future. Be my funnel Lord, and allow me to make dreams that will reflect Your goodness; Projects that will not make me forget You. Remind me Lord, that even without those dreams, I am living a comfortable life, and with your providence, my family and I can have more. So bless my mind and the work of my hands, as you filter the dreams you instilled in my heart, and make the ones according to Your will materialize.

I love you forever, even if I always falter.



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