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What Better News than This!

“That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.” Romans 10:9

It's been months since I've taken the time to sit and write a blog. So many blessings and good news have come my way that I would always want to write about them but wasn't able to. I wanted to write how thankful I am for my husband and my daughter, and that they are always healthy. I wanted to write about joining a Moms' Day Out where I felt special and pampered. I wanted to write about my new client. I wanted to write about winning a scholarship fund for my daughter. I wanted to share more good news. But then, I thought, these are just mundane news compared to the real GOOD NEWS. I've been blessed all my life receiving mostly good news that I must proclaim the first and most important good news of all - The Good News of Salvation!

I am not being religious as I am a sinner too as I am not really religious, and I am not your typical "smiling Christian who is always nice to everyone". I am me, Grace, blessed by His grace.

Now let me tell you a short story about how I got saved. I remember my relationship with God started when I was really young. I clearly recall how my father taught me to pray and be prayerful. Every meal, and every night, my Papa would coach me to pray and teach me what to say during prayer - I remember I was only 4 or 5 then. My mother was also a very kind Mama who would always pray for me. They introduced me to Jesus Christ.

Sadly, circumstances I did not understand when I was younger broke me and made me a bitter teenager. (You would really seldom see me smile then 😁) But as I mentioned, God sought me and reached out to me little by little until I got saved.

My first encounter with salvation was when I was in the university. I was sitting on a bench under a tree while killing the time near the university administrator's office. A young lady approached me and talked about Jesus Christ. I don't remember her name but I clearly remember that we prayed together even if she was only a stranger.

I think it was a couple of years that passed when I had another encounter with the Lord. It was through BLD-Youth, a Charismatic organization. I attended their seminar and got to know Jesus Christ more. But that was it, I moved on with my life and never really pursued my relationship with Him.

I then worked as a crew in McDonald's and met this colleague of mine, who invited me to Singles for Christ. Hesitant, I still accompanied him, and that was when I started a real relationship with Christ. I started to get to know him and found the joy in serving God by serving others. I was part of that community for almost a decade. I started praying more intently, started reading the Bible, and joy came to my life, which turned my sorrows into happiness. However, I didn't know yet the news of His salvation.

I then met a colleague who asked me this weird question, "Where are you going when you die?". Taken aback, I said, "I''m not sure, it depends if I had confession, I guess". Then he told me some Bible verses about Jesus Christ's gift of salvation. It still didn't make any sense.

I then started attending a Christian Bible Baptist Church in Laguna, and got to know Jesus Christ more. I started to take reading the Bible to heart, but it still took a couple of years before I really understood and accepted God's offer of salvation.

That day came after a few years of listening to preaching, reading the Bible and praying to God, when I finally made a decision and talked to God asking Him to forgive me of my transgressions - I asked Him to save me, and that I want to be with Him after this life. That was just on the 23rd of March 2017. I let go and let God. Although I have always been blessed, my relationship with Him grew stronger, and it's like I cannot go a day without speaking and listening to Him. God continues to bless me and gives me and my family grace and joy that only He can give. And I am not ashamed.

I am grateful for all of God's blessings. However, I am most grateful for His gift of salvation that nobody can ever take away. What better news than this, right?

I am still a work in progress and unworthy of His gift, but it is by His grace that I have been saved.

What is your story of salvation? Share the Good News. This is the best news anyone could ever know, and the only gift nobody can ever can take away. 😊

To God be the glory!

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