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You Are Part of God's Plan for Spreading the Gospel

Bonjour my beloved bloggers!!! I have had the honor and privilege of sharing the gospel through my testimony several times, but I have also had the opportunity to preach in a few church services. I believe that preaching the gospel is a great responsibility as well as an avenue to blessing those whom you preach to every time.

I still recall my very first preaching during a youth service held on a Thursday evening. We had a youth uniform that consisted of a yellow top and a black bottom piece of clothing like a skirt for ladies and pants for gentlemen. I remember it as if it had been yesterday, as I wore a yellow with white polka dot blouse and black skirt. My hair was braided into two French braids and I had prepared like nobody’s business. Smile face.

At the time, I served as the youth’s secretary/treasurer and I was so in my zone that no prior service obligations distracted me. A side note: I love to sing with a passion and although my pipes don’t provide me much assistance, I still enjoy doing it on a daily basis. Now, I wasn’t going to let this opportunity to preach go without my singing performance, so I too selected a song that I admired dearly. Unfortunately, I only possessed the CD with the actual artist voice and not the soundtrack required to accompany myself. Either way I attempted to follow the rhythm of the song as best I could and hoped the lyrics would be the one’s people listened to instead.

My topic was based on the biblical verse found in the new testament in Matthew 6:19-21 “Do not store up for yourselves treasure on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” (NIV). I was as confident as Kobe’s last minute 3-pointer or Steph Curry’s deep buzzer beater long 3-pointer; however, it was still my first-time preaching, so I cleverly opted to be my own translator that night in order to extent my preaching.

Several of the youth members were English speakers only, so the idea of translating at the same time from Spanish to English made perfect sense, plus translating has become my second nature. I basically memorized the entire preaching speech; I wrote it out in my head and only wrote down the bullet points that would enable me to deliver the whole speech. For all intend and purposes, this is not by any means the formula to a perfect first preaching or the accurate way of preaching. I am sharing how my first preaching went and how I can now digress from it as a matured young lady of 27 years old.

Looking back on how it went, I can honestly say I provided the most concise explanation regarding the meaning and significance behind the bible verse, as well as elaborating on it through specific examples for clarity and vision. I truly believe that everyone in attendance that night received the message, and will keep my closing statement dear in their memories. Preaching to me is not about the execution; rather, the message being transmitted by the words you speak into the pulpit and church attendees. No one other than God Himself knows the need by which everyone seeks to hear the message during each church service, so I as a believer understand that a good sermon is composed of powerful words and the anointment of the Holy Spirit.

Esta primera vez, translates to “This first time” preaching will always be my first treasure deposit. All we do as a believer in Jesus Christ for the Lord should be done out of and in His love for it to be sincere and bless those around us. To be brief, I did not start with such high confidence at just speaking in front of people, let alone at the altar. It took several years for me to gain poise and trust the talent God has bestowed upon me from birth, and that is being articulate/motivational with words.

Take away from this short piece, that just as I overcame my struggles to speak out and become a good public speaker: you are also part of God’s plan for spreading the gospel in your own talent awarded by the Lord. Do not hesitate to seek His guidance day by day, remembering always that every great journey has a slow beginning and many obstacles to override.

Much blessings to you all, I hope my experience enlighten the hearts of those who need light to be shined upon you and your loved ones. Till next time, this has been a wonderful blogging addition from me to you.


Ana :)

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