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Why Nothing Can Prepare You For Parenthood

You sit on the toilet, beating heart and trying not to pee on your hand. You sit for the allotted time even though it feels like an eternity. You look down and you see the two little lines and you know you're life is about to change forever. YOU'RE PREGNANT !!

This is when everyone starts to put their two pence in. Which for the most part is tolerable and on occasion you might pick up a trick or two but overall nothing can actually prepare you.

That's right my loves there is no book that can help you. No anecdote from the lady at the bus stop or even'advice from your own parents at times. There is nothing that can teach you how to be a parent and I'm sure you have a "good" idea and what type of parent you will be. You will not be !! I said it but let me explain why. Nothing can prepare you for parenthood and I mean nothing.

From the birth for example you as the mother you think it's great to get 9 months period free right? Be prepared to have all 9 months worth what it feels like at once. Also waking up with a soaking wet chest (thanks milk) is always a new experience that's for sure.

On the other side though no one can prepare you for the overwhelming love you have for this little being who just put you through the worst pain of your life. There little face all Squinty because they're finally out and sunshine is finally kissing their cheeks. Looking at their tiny little feet and wondering where they will take them in this life. Hearing them cry is so bitter sweet gently as you tend to your new precious bundle whilst rejoicing and hearing his little voice.

You WILL become more comfortable with poop than you ever thought would be possible. Well this goes for most bodily functions to be honest as those babies just keep pumping it out of all ends! I think in general just gross stuff with little kids. You become hardened to it and it takes something quite spectacular to make you wretch.

Again on the flip side you will laugh a million times more now! From their first smile to turning into cheeky little toddlers. The smiles are daily and endless as they become these little characters that they will become as adults. From their first message to the first time up in the assembly, enough smiles for a lifetime to come and watching them grow is so fulfilling.

I'm also under no illusions that the teen years will get any better on all fronts !! More grossness and inappropriate talk from your kids I guess!

As I say no one can actually prepare you for parenthood, so what I will say is if your expecting to have a fantastic journey as it happens so fast, all of it really does. To those already rearing their little monsters good luck as I know you may need it !!!

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Lots of Love,

Tahnee xxx

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